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This page collects information about the interaction between various Creative Commons jurisdiction projects and broadcasters. It provides an overview of jurisdictions where broadcasters are using Creative Commons licenses ('Projects') and of jurisdictions where there are talks between the jurisdiction project and a broadcaster in order to achieve this goal ('Negotiations').


  1. Increase usage of CC license in jurisdiction
  2. ...

NOTE: When interacting with broadcasting representatives it is important to be cordial with them and provide information about Creative Commons usage (see case studies, documentation and metrics) and integrating Creative Commons licenses (see: CC+, CcREL and web integration). Be be mindful of the overall priorities and ensure that you are in line with the arrangements made as part of ongoing projects


  • Broadcasting/Denmark Danish Broadcasting Corporation features CC-licensed images and content on its website, and it was the first broadcaster to purchase and air the CC-licensed documentary, Good Copy Bad Copy.
  • Broadcasting/Germany In November 2007 the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), a public radio and television broadcaster in Germany’s national broadcasting consortium ARD, announced that they will use CC licenses for some of their programs.
  • Broadcasting/Netherlands VPRO released 2 full length (and one more coming soon) documentaries under CC-BY-NC-SA licenses, aired 10 days prior. VPRO has also implemented CC licenses for its 3voor12 Plundert Musea project, which makes available samples from rare musical instruments, and furthermore the Dutch broadcaster also promotes CC music on its radio show Wissel.
  • Broadcasting/Norway November 27, 2009 over 1,2 million Norwegians watched parts of “Bergensbanen” on NRK2. The clip was released under CC BY-SA in HD over BitTorrent, and a successful competition allowed for remixes. The project was featured on prominent sites such as BoingBoing.
  • Broadcasting/Switzerland has the has the night Sunday/Monday (00:00 - 06:00) dedicated to CC music only (
  • Broadcasting/UK To date, several departments in the BBC publish content under Creative Commons licenses: album reviews (for example) and a partnership with MusicBrainz, a community music metadatabase that uses CC licenses. Furthermore, under other licensing conditions, the BBC has opened up its website to developers at It also offers television and radio programs to stream or download through its iPlayer, although the player’s format has been the source of some criticism.
  • Broadcasting/Colombia Although a small experience, Altair is a good example of CC use in broadcast sector. Altair is the hipermedia and sound lab of the Antioquia University that is located in Medellin- Colombia (second biggest public university in the country). All their programs are CC, they use and promote CC material (music mainly) and they adopt CC BY NC SA for their own productions.


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