Why do I have to mark every page (or every resource) separately? Can’t I just put the license in the Terms of Use on one page?

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Licensing information should be tied directly to what people are using---the resources. This allows ease of identification and use, as most people will not always check for more information. Additionally, your resources may travel across channels and be accessed apart from your website. For example, if someone wants to find a specific resource written for high-school teachers, they should be able to identify the exact resources of interest, which is only possible if the actual resources have that information directly associated with them. Also, consider that most people bypass the home page of a site since search engines often pull up the resource directly. 
The best way to deal with this is to copy and paste the CC license code to every page of the site, ideally accompanied by the link to the terms of use. A lot of sites have these permanent links at the bottom of every page. This way the user will have easy and uninhibited access to information on the license and its terms no matter where she lands inside the site. This also makes every page of your website machine-readable, which makes your site that much more findable via search, and ultimately increases the chances of your works being accessed, shared, and distributed.

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