Website Update 2011 08 23 Meeting

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    • priority of the site is what:
      • donations/support, finding media and licensing media? what about culture, science, etc
    • Strong Header needs to be decided
    • Strong treatment of CC logo
    • Strong menu, if we keep at all, need to go through menu items and decide
    • Strong tagline or none at all?
    • Header across the sites
    • nuke subdomains and integrate into the site where possible
    • Libbya design
      • like the bottom graphic of affiliates, but should be a real map if use that, and should go to the affiliate locations
      • somewhat like the curator area, but have question about what should go there, is it for blog posts? need to write software for maintenance
    • menu: need to compare current and the libbya one
    • look at the old site main page, and the current one, agree upon elements to keep or kill