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  • To create a platform for current stakeholders, alumni, and evangelizers of different disciplines to come together, connect and gather resources to promote Creative Commons licenses.


(1) establishing local chapters? not just based upon geography, but also topical, across space/time

  • chapters could lead different initiatives, advocates (which sounds like a lawyer), feel empowered, affiliated/representation
  • CC affiliates/jurisdictions sets up chapters and/or registers them
  • Chapters could be amorphous and/or divided by discipline, and not just locale (how boring!)

(2) what about working groups/amorphous units that exist on an online platform?

  • membership/subscriptions: by requiring a login and a profile before permitting access to resources (this may cure the concern over loss of control and misrepresentation but would also make the wiki more closed, do we want that?)
  • Track tasks (hooray for a little CC HQ oversight!)
  • Provide information re: conference/trade show attendance (a call to participate/attend)
  • What kind of resources do we want to give away? ready made slides/presos and to arm ccAdvocates for going out and helping to spread the news (could be downloaded in a read-only format to ensure integrity)
  • who are the users: stakeholders? alum? evangelizers? "accredited"/authorized evangelizers?
  • what are the needs for each of these groups?
    • a space to communicate for evangelizers in different disciplines (problem solve together, share strategies, share a checklist of who has been approached and the result)
    • a space to connect stakeholders in similar fields who may generate answers to FAQs that are common among certain industries (ex. warranties and architecture)
    • an alumni blog to communicate experiences evangelizing, tips, suggestions, questions
    • a stake holder blog beyond Featured Commoners where alumni can go more in-depth about their CC experiences (positives, negatives, suggestions etc)


  • LEED Resource website - powerpoints, case studies, pdfs ([[1]])
  • Architecture for Humanity - meetups - over the last two years AFH groups have sprung up around the world to lend their time and talents to community groups and advocate for better planning and design in their communities. Using this model over 2600 designers meet regularly to discuss and participate in design projects. ([[2]])


  • Loss of control
  • People misrepresenting CC without oversight from the mothership
  • So how to stay open and preserve CC authenticity?