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User Info

Jeff Hammerbacher used to work as a quant in Manhattan. He now works as a Research Scientist at Facebook in Palo Alto. He's very interested in assisting the CC Developer community. You can reach him at jeff dot hammerbacher at gmail dot com.

To Do


Read the Information Sharing and RDF books, both were atrocious. W3C and Wikipedia content much more informative. Halfway through "Visualizing the Semantic Web", and obtained second edition. Began posting notes and links below from the Information Sharing book.

Polished my Python and identified first project to understand: ccPublisher. Read through wiki page and Nathan's talk.

Notes and Links

Information Sharing on the Semantic Web

This book's one good idea is that ontologies should be modular and have a separate layer to allow for easy integration with other ontologies. Also has interesting section on the ontology of statistics. The rest of the book lays out platitudes and mainly references other German researchers. The beginning of my notes (to be continued):