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Non-commercial really doesn't make sense. I've spent an hour now trying to figure out if the non-commercial license precludes use within a Youtube video by a for-profit company. Non-commercial is remarkably poorly defined, and the recent report on it is extremely indecisive.

Finding out what you can and can't do with a non-commercial work is a real joke: while making your work non-commercial might feel "good," the people using that work could be in legal peril if they have little more than a paid advertisement on their blog. There is no place to get this "gray" area clarified, it essentially places the rights for your work in a vague creative-commons catacomb.

My suggestion is to skip the problems and release your work permitting commercial use.


I see these links everywhere as a repository of CC stuff that is free for commercial use:

and (available if you click the "use for commercial purposes" button, type something in, and hit Jamendo.)

Yet *every* piece of music I find has a license badge of CC on the far right near the bottom, and a place to "license the music" on the page. That button subsequently takes you to a confusing page where you can answer a bunch of personal questions about your use of the work and be fronted with a bill. What is the purpose of the bill if the music is already licensed CC for commercial use?

I'm totally confused.