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My name is A. Özgür Erdemli am bureaucrat and administrator of Turkish Wikipedia (Vikipedi) as user Dbl2010. I believe in open source, free knowledge, free culture, copyleft philosophies.

When I was watching Lawrence Lessing's presentation at Wikimania 2006, aprroximately at 30th minute of his speech, there was a slide, (See that slide) that shows the world and countries, and the countries were in different color depending on their free licence philosophies and how they see it or use it. And the color red was for the countries that they are way back from this movement and need some help. So, after I saw this and with the lincense experiences that I made at Turkish Wikipedia, I wanted join into this movement more solid way and so I can share my knowledge and experince.

For the beginning, I will try to translate the license texts and then other necessary pages from the website into Turkish.