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Moheen Reeyad at Wikipedia Day 2017 in Chittagong (01).jpg

I am involved with the open source initiatives for about 6 years. So, I did like to exchange knowledge free and easily accessible to anyone. Thus, I contribute to Wikipedia — the largest encyclopedia ever in human history. I work on several Wikimedia projects — both as a contributor and somewheres as an administrator; alongside also active in doing Wikimedia offline-working actively for the Wikimedia Bangladesh, where I currently serve as a board member. I am an open content enthusiast with involving to the Creative Commons community, OpenStreetMap community, Local Guides community and Translate Community at Google, and other few communities in Bangladesh who support the Open Source Initiative.

I hailed from Bangladesh and live in Chittagong, the second-largest city in the country, near the Karnaphuli. As an author, now I am working freelance. By editing two issues of a little magazine, I have been involved with a new philosophical movement begun as Drishtantoism. My writings have uniquely identified by Researcher ID E-3219-2015 and ORCID reference number 0000-0001-9275-486X; and authority has been identified by the Wikidata item Q28709819.

If you have any questions about this Wiki or any other CC technologies, you can contact me here, via #creativecommons-dev on Freenode IRC, via Creative Commons at Github, via Twitter or at @moheenreeyad, or via email at moheenreeyad AT gmail dot com, and further information see also moheenreeyad,xyz.