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University Copyright Policy Information
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This policy is very unclear. It makes broad statements and exclusions. For example, in the subsequent quoted text the policy states that it doesn't normally do something. However, this makes it unclear as to when the university will claim its ownership rights in "all copyrightable material" produced as a result of university funds / research / time.

It is the policy of the University of Notre Dame, subject to the exceptions contained herein, that the University claims the exclusive right to all intellectual property arising from University Research.

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, and others who make use of University facilities, equipment, or other resources or who receive funds from the University in the form of salary, wages, stipend, or other support, but not including undergraduate student financial aid.

The University owns all rights to all copyrightable materials (including computer programs, software, or multi-media productions) that are works made for hire under copyright law or that are required to be assigned to the University by the contract terms of a grant or sponsored program. However, consistent with long-standing academic tradition, the University does not normally claim ownership of works such as textbooks, articles, papers, scholarly monographs, or artistic works. Creators, therefore, retain rights in copyright in their works, unless they are created under a grant or sponsored program that specifies ownership rights in some entity other than the creator, they are the subject of a contract modifying ownership rights, or they are otherwise addressed in this Policy.