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NABOTU Book Trust of Uganda (NGO)
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Moses Lumumba
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CC Uganda Affiliates’ 2014 ROAD MAP


Creative Commons Uganda Affiliates launched the 3.0 Uganda Creative Commons (CC) Licences in December 2012. The launch of the licenses laid foundation for the promotion of the culture of open in Uganda.

2014 Goal

To create a case for Open Educational Resources in Uganda

Priority Objectives

1. Promoting CC initiatives, adoption and creation of case studies based on a Uganda Context

2. Build ties and collaboration initiatives with East Africa CC jurisdiction projects and HQ

3. Support workshops, meetings on open government initiatives in Uganda

4. Fund raise for future sustainability

Information, Education and Communication Tools

We have been able to develop and print a factsheet on why use CC licences. It can be accessed here [[1]] and in addition printed a pull up and standalone banner for Public events.

We have printed 100 T-shirts and 500 stickers of all of the six licences available for use and as well received additional support for successfully participating in the translation sprint to print Luganda Version of the 6licences and Public domain Briefs here [[2]] and [[3]]


The Community CC Uganda works with include;

Authors, innovators and/or self publishers; Professional and non-professional creative people who use open access as part of new business models and/or believe in free culture as a motivating cause.

Private business: On and offline businesses including law-firms, corporations, companies and foundations who utilize open access as part of their strategic operation.

Media; Digital and traditional media persons promoting open access through the use of internet.Government. Agencies and staff who advocate for ‘open government’ and the principles of open access in public sector information.

Education; Institutions and projects promoting E-Learning and open educational resources.

Affiliate Team

The partners have together steered a legal team headed by Moses Mulumba a Director at CEHURD working together with Paul Asiimwe a Partner at Sipi Law Associates, Dr. Kakungulu Mayambala a lecturer at Makerere University, Kabanda David an advocate working with Center for Health, Human Rights and Development, and Primah Kwagala a lawyer currently managing the team's projects.

The team has recently introduced more lawyers and information scientists to the Team. There is Dr. Tony Kakooza an IP lawyer currently partner at Sipi Law Advocates, Mr. Javie Ssozi an ICT consult with the Open society Foundations as the the now CC Tech Lead, Mr. Micheal Nyitegeka an ICT professional and lecturer at Makerere University, Mr. Brian Ssennoga who is also the Secretary of FOSSFA; Mr. Mugume Collins and Ms. Ruth Aine all ICT professionals. Dr. Dick Kawooya an information scientist with the University of South Carolina, Ms. Florence Mirembe representing the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries on the Team, Ms. Juliana Nantaba, Mr. James Zeere, Ms. Florence Nabweteme, Ms. Joy Asasira, Ms. Noor Nakibuuka, and Mr. Nsereko Ibrahim all lawyers at CEHURD.

Social Community Workshops and Links