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Affiliated Institution
Özyeğin University (academic institution)

İlkay Holt
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Affiliate Team Roadmap

Date submitted: November 2012

Revision: March 2017

Homepage: http://creativecommons.org.tr/

Jurisdiction: Turkey

Project Leads:

İlkay Holt (Public Lead)

Dr. Işık Özer, Özyeğin University (Legal Lead)

Orçun Madran, Hacettepe University (Technical Lead)

Affiliate Team:

Sıla Oral, Attorney at Law

Muhteşem Önder, Library, Community Building; Language-- Project Officer

Hakan Yanaz, Library, Technical-- Project Officer


Prof. Dr. Şirin Tekinay, Işık University (Community Building Partner)

Prof. Dr. Yaşar Tonta, Hacettepe University (Community Building Partner)

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Akgül, Bilkent University, Association of Internet Technologies (Technology Partner)

Prof. Dr. Kürşat Çağıltay, Middle East Technical University (Community Building Partner)

Gültekin Gürdal, İzmir Technology Institute (Community Building Partner)

Selva Kaynak (LL.M IP), Yeni Yüzyıl University, Visiting Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (Legal Partner)

Serhat Koç (LL.M IP), www.serhatkoc.com (Legal Partner)

To attempt to reach all stakeholder communities (including OER and open data communities and artist communities), Creative Commons Turkey will institute a diverse board of members including public and legal leads, affiliated officers, local partners and members of sub-projects within CC Turkey. Project leads and partners work closely on the interests and concerns regarding CC Turkey.

The partners of the project and affiliated officers include names focused on community building, legal, technology, and languages.

Turkey's education sector is growing with more than 180 universities having more than 1.250.000 FTEs in Turkey. Many thriving artist communities exist throughout Turkey. It is important for all of these groups to have access to Creative Commons in order for them to apply fair and principled copyright licenses to their works, especially as internet distribution has become an important part of business models and of culture in Turkey.

A Creative Commons Turkey affiliate will:

  • support governments, municipalities, institutions, and organizations in the open licensing of educational resources, data sets, copyright works, research reports, statistics, photographic images, archive film, and other digital resources;
  • complement laws pertaining to copyright and public domain by enabling creators to not only assert rights but communicate permissions;
  • contribute to licensing discussions with CC HQ and with other CC affiliates, giving voice to Turkish legal considerations and issues.
  • contribute to raising awareness and adoption of open licensing frameworks by creators;
  • support collaborations and partnerships to maximize investments, implement sustainable production and share digital resources; and promote creative and innovative activities which deliver social and economic benefits.


Government. Government departments, agencies, and staff (copyright officers, web managers etc) who are responsible for the implementation of ‘open government’ policy and open access in public sector information.

Cultural institutions. GLAMs (i.e. Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) and community spaces which manage Turkish cultural and historical collections, and recognize the benefits of open access to these important materials to the community.

Creative Industries. Creators in the industry (professional or non-professional) who consider open access as part of a viable business model.

Research sector. Research organizations and repositories which license their results and data under open access licensing terms, to enable open exchange in the research space.

Education. Institutions and projects promoting the creation and use of open educational resources.

Professional Associations & non-profits

Priorities for 2017-2018

  • Official translation of the Creative Commons 4.0 licenses into Turkish.
  • Promote the use of Creative Commons Turkey as the default standard for publicly-funded information, research and cultural collections.
  • Provide presentations and training across all sectors
  • Continue documenting and facilitating case studies on the uptake of Creative Commons licenses.
  • Run an international conference, national meetings on Creative Commons and form ccSalons in different cities.