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CC licensed content portal:
CC licensed content feed:
Formats: Text,Image,Sound,MovingImage,PDF,XML
Approximate size of the CC-licensed collection: 1000

  • CC-only portal: only some content is CC-licensed (some images, the glossary, tree structure), CC discovery tools are under development
  • Notes: The Tree of Life is a collection of information about biodiversity. We cover all organisms, living and extinct, plants, animals, fungi, protists, microbes. We started implementing CC-licenses in our media uploading tools in February 2007. We still have to build CC options into our search tools, and we are planning to make available CC image/video/audio feeds for any group of organisms.
  • Size: over 1000 images, growing continuously
  • Accepting contributions from scientists and the general public. Many of our current CC-licensed images are imported from Flickr. By integrating them into our collection, they get annotated with taxonomic metadata, and they will become part of taxon-specific CC image feeds.