Torno Subito

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Name:=Torno Subito
director:=Simone Damiani}}
producer:=Simone Damiani}}
filmtype::FeatureFilm }}
releasedate:=6 October 2008}}

"Have you ever passed by the window of a shop with the sign "I'll be back soon"? What does it mean? And towards where the shopkeeper will go? And when he will leave? And what will happen if he will never come back? These are some of the questions that the character of this movie will try to answer.

Probably, this is the unique synopsis made of three lines that you ever read. But it is also the only movie in the world that you can download for free from the web in HD.

Why read when you can watch?


We need your help to make the people know our movie! Watch it! We hope you like it!

If you need materials to talk about us, contact us directly writing to: ilmiofilm AT gmail DOT com. We are here for you for any question.

None of us perceived any retribution for this movie. Everyone shared what he have to share. Someone put the camera, someother the microphone, some people their experience and some their stomach-ache.

This movie had a low impact on the enviroment. We used flash memories, rewritable infinite times, insthead the normal tapes. Everty object you see in the movie has been taken from our garrets or in flee markets. The crew has moved using car sharing or using public buses and trains.

For us, making a movie is like playing in a team. And the tim who win isnt’ that one made by champions, maybe talented but selfish. The winning team is that one in which really exist the team… where everyone respect his role and the other ones… where the champions give and hand to the newbies… where the score is most important than doing acrobatics… where the team playing believing that with a lot of willing and some good luck, the results will come.

None of us was believing that we will succeed in shooting this movie when we met for the first time. It was a cold afternoon of December. Thanks to the social networks we find ourself. And it happened. We made a movie. We imagined it. We shot it. We edited it. And we distributed it in Italy, reaching about 1 million spectators in three months. Now we want to take our movie abroad. And we want to do it with the help of everyone who knows how to use the web and want to help us.

The film has been shot in high definition. This format permit to print our movie on film and proiect it in cinemas without losing details.