The Master Plan

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A suburban community and a state of mind, The Master Plan explores Christian youth culture in America. Inspired by the icons and modern myths of youth group pop-culture, we find KRISTI, a high-school senior with seemingly supernatural powers, mystical dreams, and an affinity for existential detective films.

Kristi’s social circles extend beyond church activities, so her fundamentalist parents demand that she ‘witness’ her evangelical faith to her non-religious peers. At first, she backs out, deciding instead to try to convert her estranged Grandfather, a scientist. Failing miserably, she seeks the advice of youth counselor APRIL.

Newly motivated, she unloads April’s more calculated plan on her teen friends, and they abandon her. Kristi’s Grandfather immediately dies under odd circumstances which are hidden from her by her parents, and in a bizarre state of grief, Kristi becomes possessed by the doomed detectives she so admires, beginning a Quixote-like quest to find her Grandfather’s killer.