The Adventures of Antimony

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The Adventures of Antimony
Author: Brian Mearns
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Sparrow Publishing (Brian Mearns)
Publication Date: May 2013
CC-Licensed Version:
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The story of a young girl named Antimony who travels to a distant land in search of her parents who have been taken by the evil Fairy Princess. Along the way, she meets many interesting characters and is confronted with a number of obstacles which she must overcome using her wits, courage, and perseverance.

The main character, a little girl named Antimony, epitomizes the characteristics of reason, logic, practiced cleverness, and perseverance, set in a story which is underlined by the values of love, compassion, and just a little bit of subversiveness. While the setting may be somewhat fantastical and reminiscent of a fairy tale, Antimony is no fair maiden or damsel in distress, she is the out and out heroine of the story and a good role model for any young child.

The story also touches upon a number of geeky topics in a way that should be accessible to children without being dry or tedious, including cryptography, cellular automaton, and logic. If the story is enough to pique your child's interest (or your own), there are three brief appendices at the end of the book which explore these topics just a little bit more, primarily in the form of simple pencil-and-paper games, which just might be enough to get your child interested in these or related topics.

In addition to being released under CC BY-NC-SA, the ebook is sold on a pay-what-you-want basis. It is available at three price-points from Amazon, and for free from the Internet Archive.

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