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As of January 2018, the Affiliate Network transitioned to a Global Network, where everyone - individuals and institutions - are welcome. The Creative Commons Global Network works together to realize our shared values and build relationships around the world. Interested in signing up? Become a member at You can also join our Translation Working Group on Slack, to stay informed about materials that need to be translated or to suggest new materials.

Building a Team

To begin the process of porting the licenses to a new jurisdiction, a team of committed people within that jurisdiction must be identified. It is important that the team members understand the responsibilities they are undertaking, are dedicated to the project and are willing to cooperate with each other, CC, and other individual or institutional members around the world.

The following roles will need to be assigned:

Legal Project Lead

Legal Project Lead is responsible for educating users of CC licenses about legal issues relating to the CC licenses and legal tools, advising CC on legal developments affecting usability of CC's legal tools, research projects, translation and adaptation of FAQs for the jurisdiction, and other legally-focused activities. Please note that CC is no longer approving new porting projects due to the versioning of the licensing suite to 4.0.

Legal Project Leads should have:

  • professional legal credentials
  • solid reputation among copyright and intellectual property experts
  • enthusiasm for the project
  • excellent understanding of the CC licenses
  • ability to communicate in English

Public Project Lead

Public Project Lead is a spokesperson for the CC project in the jurisdiction and should have:

  • a strong network of collaborators
  • experience with hosting and organizing events
  • strategies for fundraising
  • ability to communicate in English

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