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But you have to register and confirm first. My question is this: If there is a copyrighted recording of a performer performing his or her song BUT I am not using the recorded version, but instead am having the performer perform live, do I need to get the mechanical rights from Harry Fox? NOTE: this performer has made a recording before; however, the copyrighted recording is not being used.

Legal Basis - US Government Work?

Can you provide the legal basis for "You Are Using A US Government Work", I am interested in promoting a similar approach in the Canadian government and would like more information about the US Context. Please drop me a note at cormier (dot) patrick (at) gmail (dot) com - Thanks!

Patrick Cormier 19:04, 23 May 2006

For somebody with sufficient rights to fix the Guide: section "Finding CC licensed content" has malformed URL for cc license:

Two things that would be good would be: (1) an expansion of section 1.2.3 with respect to the TEACH Act, and (2) any information on how the restriction of a podcast (by requiring authentication, etc.) might motify the provisions of some of the different laws discussed. In regard to the TEACH Act, it seems to me that podcasting could be violating the provisions regarding using technological provisions to prevent students from retaining copyrighted materials past the end of the class or redistributing them.

Guide Corrections

Errors have been noticed in the Guide. Someone with sufficient editing rights should make the following corrections: