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why? well, i believe that any artist or any person express in own thoughts or esencial personality, and is possible that wanna be listen, readed or viewed. Wath happens if nobody want take interes in the work of an artist? The artist don't have public to offer owned work. then promote those works is not against them. Is the way that media give the opportunity to be at reach of the people and too to people get satisfaction of this activities. Every one is free to decide how reach the public atention and do comercial or just the way that express by self. Is when people likes their works when they or we become "public person" this don't mean that all can be taked by others. Private life isn't the work waiting to be expossed, not only cause is private is too many times keep free of influences of atitude or conduct any that this be, over those who can adopt the facts that would be wrong for others. Take chanse to use a good work to do something that expect to be positive, giving the respective credits and earns if this will make. is a way to contribute with this pieces of works. Is the cause that i used creative commons license. Only expressed my self don't wait be public but try get job is different.