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   The new organization your organization because this organization w3as created from peoples and company who is it in the great problems in continuity activity in market place.We not prommis that this organization can resolve all problems appear or exist in present but a little help we can do for eny company to resque or people who request in message of us a litte andrestanding situation and we can say aor opnions in this matter.It's very important to help reciprocal here I refer of great companys and concern big under thyer wing a company or two depend of situation and find the best solution to bring of the god way the company chose.In this way we create samthing witout precedent and I compare this help resque like situation after of second war .In present we not finsh a war and we do in a situation much better like in past time.I sugestion to do all eforts that this problem and we want very shure that this situation working and return in a good situation finnaciare from this companys.I want to do a example recently with company Crysler who is under wing of company Fiat and will see that this think is work.I not expert and not study very much economy but I belive with all my heart that we find the best peoples and the best projects to remark economy and sure the market.All we can do in present is to find rthe best peoples from varios domains with capacity and experience very exceptional who stay in shadow because they don't know if theyer project work.We must to encourage to bring of us to stay besaide of us and encorage to work with us of the best strategy created ever.Wellcome from evreybady who want to became oar member in hoples to help and resque entaire companys from all world and peoples to work again with hope and trust.The trust and loyality i\s for me very valuble.For comments, opinion,sugestion,ideas all you belive that each peoples have a great idea to tell us and not to be afraid or disipoiment if your idea is not good.We hope to enscribe in this site from thaunsed of reason.
 Mr.Marasoiu Marian Puiu
 president Freedomillenium org.   The bless GOD us!!