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This page is meant to help people understand the best practices for tagging CC-licensed content to aid discovery and navigation.

On sites that directly support CC licenses, these tags should be generated automatically, as ccHost does.

In all cases, the license URL for the specific license used should be noted in addition to the tags below. The tags are optional, the license URL is necessary.

In cases where the site does not directly support CC licenses, the license URL should be noted in a description (e.g., on YouTube) or other appropriate field. See #Media Description below.

Appropriate Tags

Creative Commons Tags

To denote a piece of Creative Commons licensed work, please use the following tags:

  • creativecommons
  • cc

License Tags

To help find content under the various Creative Commons licenses, please use the following tags where applicable:

Main Licenses

  • attribution
  • noderivatives
  • noncommercial
  • sharealike

Public Domain

  • publicdomain

Version, Jurisdiction, etc

Do not denote license version or jurisdiction with tags. These are not very interesting for discovery or navigation, and should be part of the necessary license URL.


  • A piece of music licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
    • tags: creativecommons, attribution
  • A piece of music licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Belgium
    • tags: creativecommons, attribution, noncommercial

Media Description

License Reference

Included in the description for any media item should be a reference to the licence specifically chosen as well as a link to the licence URL.