Sustainability of Jurisdiction Projects

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As many of the jurisdiction projects have been carried out in educational/academic institutes or non-profit organizations, issue of funding and human resource is a constant concern. Especially for the "post-launch" jurisdiction projects, it needs a lot of work and good planning just to do a proper out-reach (to creators, content users, educators, policy bodies, government agencies, etc. depending on what one thinks is most urgent).

The purpose of the sustainability wiki is to share experience in running a jurisdiction project, especially about strategies on funding, human resources, and collaborations with other partners so as to ensure the continuous and effectual operation of a jurisdiction project. The following is an outline for discussion.

Running a jurisdiction project

  • Funding and fundraising: Does your project have a regular source of funding? Does it depend on grant proposals? Is funding a major issue?
  • Human resources: What is the composition of the project team? How is team supported in terms of training and salary?
  • Priorities and key audiences: What are your project's current emphases and how do you identify them?

Partnership in your jurisdiction

  • Does your project partner with other civil organizations, governmental agencies, or commercial entities (either for spreading CC licenses or for advocating broader issues)? What do you do and how well does the partnership work?
  • Does your project participate in legislation lobbying (e.g., amending the copyrights law)?

Interaction with Creative Commons and other jurisdiction projects

  • How can CC (realistically) assist in your jurisdiction project?
  • Has your project interacted with other jurisdiction projects? If yes, in what ways? If no, why?

Plans for the future

  • Is your jurisdiction project sustainable? That is, can your project continue to carry out high-priority works with the necessary support of funding and human resources?
  • Transition plans: New strategies in running the jurisditcion project? Incorporating your jurisdiction project as an independent legal entity? New partnership with others? Feel free to share your thoughts.
  • Overall recommendation to Creative Commons and other jurisdiction projects on running a sustainable jurisdiction project.

Ideas for outcomes

  • A HowTo Guide or paper? "Best practices: How to improve sustainability of a jurisdiction project"
  • Organization of student internship system, ex. following model of CC JP.