Summit 2011 overview

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Creative Commons Summit 2011: Powering an Open Future

Preliminary Program

Friday - Introduction and update

  • Welcome and preliminaries with opening address by CC CEO, Cathy Casserly
  • Creative Commons worldwide update
  • Regional Affiliate meetings
  • Strategic engagement sessions with key stakeholders
  • Affiliate-Board dinner

Saturday – Public Day (ie events of interest to the public)

  • CC Global Successes Showcase
  • Launch of 4.0 versioning process
  • "Powering an Open Future" panel with industry experts
  • Workshops on fundraising, education and other topics
  • Continued strategic engagement sessions with key stakeholders
  • CC Salon

Sunday – CC Community Day

  • Community key-issues discussion sessions
  • Affiliate-initiated workshops
  • Internal planning and policy discussions
  • All-participant closing event

Monday – Optional social event/s around Warsaw

For more information, see Global Summit 2011