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This page assumes you have read the DiscoverEd Metadata page.

Submitting your feed to DiscoverEd

Once you have an RSS/Atom or OAI-PMH feed delimited to the educational resources on your site, you can get it included into DiscoverEd by emailing containing the feed URL and "DiscoverEd feed" in the e-mail subject.

Publicizing your feed

It's also recommended that you add your organization and feed into ODEPO so that the feed is publicly discoverable. ODEPO (Open Database of Educational Projects and Organizations) is a Semantic MediaWiki database on the CC Wiki. It's an open, collaborative collection of pages, each of which provides information about an educational site or projects that is accessible on the Internet. By adding your site to ODEPO you increase its visibility and at the same time enable search and discovery of your resources or resource pages by filling in the Resource Feed URL property box. In this field, you would put the URL to your feed of resources so that Creative Commons, or any other project, can see the list of feeds in the database and add them to a search index.

To add your organization to ODEPO, follow these steps:

  1. Create or log in to your account on the CC Wiki (the "Log in / create account" link is at the top of every page).
  2. Go to the ODEPO page.
  3. Use the "Browse ODEPO" link or the search box at the top of the page to check if your organization already exists in the database.
    1. If it already exists: On the page for your site you can click the "Edit with form" link at the top of the page to easily edit/add/correct any information.
    2. If it doesn’t exist: Click "Add an organization" on the main page of ODEPO. Fill in as many of the form fields as possible, including the Resource Feed URL field which will indicate the URL to your feed of educational resources.

Please note that if you do not fill in contact information for your page, it will be difficult for anyone to contact you with questions, comments, or notifications about your feed.