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If you run a Content Directory of some form, in addition to enabling (or in some cases mandating) CC licenses for works hosted, cataloged or otherwise curated, it is beneficial to provide users means to navigate and search CC-licensed material and accurate counts of licensed materials.

Not all features apply to all sites. For example, a for a site that is 100% under a single CC license, a CC-specific portal and search would be superfluous. Just have excellent navigation and search of works on the site -- and make metrics available. An example would be Connexions.

See CC Search integration for another useful CC-enabled site feature.


CC Portal

Page with access to CC-aware navigation, search, and metrics. Implementation will vary with site.

License counts

Number of works published under specific licenses.

Content breakdowns

Number of works published under specific licenses by content type, genre, etc.

Activity metrics

Views and especially reuse/remix statistics for CC-licensed works.

Historical metrics

If available, historical license counts can be useful in tracking the growth of CC adoption. These might be provided as a one-time dump, or better yet be made available in tabular form on a sophisticated site statistics page. Note that a side effect of a site portal with metrics is that some snapshots will be retrievable from the wayback machine, eg*/

A scrape-able page such as is great; perfection would be annotation of metrics with RDFa. What vocabulary?

Content metadata dump

Make available a database dump of metadata for the content hosted, including license and activity info.


Current Best Example: Flickr provides::

One could do far worse than copying this interface.

CC scrapes Flickr portal for license counts each day.

Other Example: Jamendo

License counts aren't exposed on this page, but are on each license page. CC should scrape these each day.

Other Example: SoundCloud

Only aggregate license count in last week. CC should scrape these each day if specific, cumulative license counts added.

Other Example: ccMixter

Metrics-only page. Doesn't provide license info about remixes.

High Priority Sites

Sites that need these features:


Sites with a default license that could implement better search and/or metrics