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General policy for getting access to the CC Second Life land is to make one contribution for review by a group officer, as listed on the Second Life page, and then get full rights to edit the land. Once rights are granted, then you should be able to freely edit land and build upon the CC Second Life projects.

A contribution to the project includes

  • Expanding art gallery platform
  • Create floating pavilion
  • Design a "free stuff" mall with the CC-Australia team
  • Videos of CC-licensed content (films, music videos, experimental, machinima, etc)
  • Vehicles (Rollercoaster, cars, spaceships, etc)
  • Scripts that do interesting things (with licensing and object creation)
  • Figure out way to generate money (scripting, etc)
  • Clothing and Accessories for the mall
  • General CC event and promo materials
  • Convert standard CC event and promo materials for in-world use
  • get other people enlisted in the Creative Commons group
  • Please add your idea here!