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Creative Commons Books by Ryan Somma

Science Fiction

The Spiraling Web (2006) A cyberpunk/techno-thriller about an emergent artificial intelligence thought to be a virus on the internet, with a villain trying to exploit it and a young man trying to defend it.

Clones (2007) A collection of dramatic short stories about people raising clones of themselves, exploring the various social dynamics of a future that will one day certainly come to pass.

Entropy of Imagination (2010) Sequel to The Spiraling Web, where the form antagonist becomes protagonist when he finds himself on a future World Wide Web populated with new breeds of AI who do not know there is a "real" world beyond their artificial one.


Enlightenment Living (2012) A collection of essays covering science culture, Enlightenment ethics, skeptical inquiry, and celebration of natural wonders.

Enchanting Existence (2012) Best essays celebrating astronomy, evolution, general science, and the human place in the cosmos.

Mediaphilism (2012) Essays from ideonexus.com reviewing films, books, games, and culture from the perspective of a nerd in love with science and wonder.


Shah Mat (2012) When Ian returns from college and meets his old high school friend Duf for a game of chess, a dramatic conflict ensues: Academic VS Drop out… Logic VS Intuition… Nerd VS Geek. Alcohol added for explosive results.

Children's Books

Welcome to Life (2012) A children's book I wrote for my son Sagan (named after Cosmic Carl) to explain his place in the cosmos, evolutionary origins, and purpose in society in the most simplest of ways.