Roadmap 2011 / 2012

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Roadmap 2011 / 2012

Date submitted: 15/12/2011

Jurisdiction: Guatemala

Members of the team

  • Renata Ávila Pinto - Leader of the Chapter - Intellectual Property - Transparency and technology
  • María Isabel Carrascosa - Lawyer
  • Jorge Gabriel Jiménez - Law student


In a country like Guatemala Creative Commons licenses have different meanings. They promote the country to other countries by allowing art, science, to be distributed easier and faster. Guatemala is a small country but it is rich in culture and the licenses enable us to share the best of it. And at the same time these kind of licenses allow Guatemalans to have access to information that in other way we would have never have access to, such as Open Education Programs and projects related to access to knowledge for all..

What makes Guatemala a good local project is the variety of jurisdictions it reaches, and the reduction of the digital divide and also the knowledge divide in a highly unequal country. The jurisdiction hopes to encourage other chapters around the World to work together in projects to promote an open knowledge economy, culture and society.


The communities we work with are:

  • HacksHackers Guatemala
  • Free Software Community
  • Citizen Journalists, including Plaza Publica Guatemala and Pueblo Clic
  • Guatemalan Advocacy Groups and Youth Groups
  • Academia
  • Internet Startups
  • Government

We will continue organizing activities that involve these communities so that the CC licenses can reach more people each day. What all these communities have in common is that they use technology to promote what they do, they produce contents, especially multimedia contents. We are encouraging them to share what they do.  We have relationship with most of them and we will continue organizing activities with them. We plan to organize more CC Salons and Hackathons in the year ahead.

Priority Goals

1. Open Education: Guatemala has one of the lowest education level in the whole World and it has been proven that OERs have a direct impact on the students in their classrooms.

2. Open Government: Guatemala is one of the countries with more corruption in the World and Open Government initiatives seek, among other things, transparency in the Government and opening contents.

3. Focus-area: Culture and spreading the licenses by the publication of The Power of Open Guatemala