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Contact Contact::Nathan Yergler
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Curators (both publishers and third party) are interested in verifying that their resources are ingested correctly, how often they are searched for, and how often they are used. Operators are interested in exploring searches that are not successful, and how users interact with DiscoverEd. Analytics will provide information about indexed resources, searches performed, and user activity in a DiscoverEd instance.


  • Provide a web-based dashboard which displays the status of curator indexes. This includes: last aggregation, last crawl, number of resources indexed, any errors which occurred during aggregation or crawl.
  • Provide a web page which displays search analytics. This includes basic web analytics, such as number of visitors, bounce rate, referrers, and time spent on site. It also includes DiscoverEd-specific analytics, including:
    • searches grouped by number of results (for exploring queries that have no results,
    • popular search terms, and
    • resource refinements (ie, do users refine by curator? subject? license?)

This may also include resource click-through tracking and reporting.