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Registry Information
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onlineRegistration:=Yes }}
serialNumbers:=Yes }}
documentStorage:=Yes }}
sha1hashing:=Yes }}
onlineVerification:=Yes }}
allRightsReserved:=Yes }}
printedCertficates:=Yes }}
orphanWorksProtection:=Yes }}
permalinks:=Yes }}
metricsTracking:=No }}
proofOfIdentity:=Yes }}


RegisteredCommons provides secure registration of authorship of creative workings, no matter if it's photography, poetry, a series of mp3 files or an open source software project. If somebody infringes the license associated to your work, your registration helps to prove your authorship.

In order to register your work, you need to sign-up at The trust level associated to your work is highest, if you use a personal certificate, such as by You can choose, which personal data is visible to others. After uploading a release of your work, we generate a hash code and request a secure timestamp from A-cert (third party principle is required by European Digital Signature Laws). You can generate yourself or order a printed and signed certificate, which you may file with your contracts.

The timestamp is stored for 35 years by A-cert. RegisteredCommons stores the hash code for at least 7 years. Your work is being stored by fair-use principles. RegisteredCommons is a service established and provided by a public-private partnership. The public partner, the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, located in the Austrian Alps close to the Swiss and German border, provides infrastructure. Private partners are organised in a co-op. Registered users of the service may also become RegisteredCommons shareholders. The co-op members keep control over the service through their vote in the general assembly.

Additional Notes

  • Professional users (exceeding 100 registrations per month or more than 100MB) are requested to sign up for a business account. Please contact stamp at
  • The Global Release Identifier (GRiD) is good for life. Timestamps are kept for 35 years at A-cert. This is our trusted and audited 3rd party digital signature partner, conformant to European Union digital signature regulation. We guarantee access to the hash codes for at least seven years. In case we need to shut down the service (for unforeseeable reasons) the hash code will be deposited at a public notary.
  • RegisteredCommons has been developed by a public-private partnership, the Competence Network for Media Design. The service is operated by OSalliance, a co-operative of open source and media developers with 25+ members, located in Austria (near the Swiss border). Any RegisteredCommons user may request shares (max 20 by statutes) at the co-op. Revenues will be always used for open source and open culture projects.
  • All CC licenses in all available jurisdictions + SamplingPlus + PublicDomain
  • Service is based on GPL software (BSD/Postgres/SpunQ). GRiD is an open standard by IFPI.