RegioWikiCamp 2011

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Conference, Workshop in Brest, France


The RegioWikiCamp is an unconference for all RegioWiki actors throughout geographical Europe.

Futhermore it adresses actors of related technologies (e.g. Semantic MediaWiki, OpenStreetMap) and projects (e.g. Wikipedia) plus people interested in media culture, people interested in education, representatives of public administrations (Government 2.0), journalists, researchers, students, regio marketing professionals, ...

In short: All people that have an interest in RegioWikis.

The RegioWikiCamp follows the BarCamp idea - that means:

  • all participators are asked to offer presentations/sessions
  • presentations and sessions will be scheduled on site
  • no spectators - only participants / be willing to help and share
  • no paid speeches
  • no attendance fee