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Red Plastic is the first Digital Community involved in discovering, producing, supporting and creating Free Arts. That’s why we are an ANTI-LABEL!

We select and produce, in an environmentally friendly manner, innovative artists using Open-Source softwares, Linux O.S. and Creative Commons licenses.



Write a short review about an Alien(s) you’ve discovered! We select 5 reviews every 3 months; if your will be published, it means that we have already contacted the Alien(s) to produce and promote his works. So, you’ll receive a Digital Gift and you’ll be linked to the discovery! Become a Red Watcher, SEND US your first review!


Our Artists are Aliens; they seems to be human but, secretly, they innovate Arts! Sometimes we ask them to work together in order to create a Red Alien’s Event or a Total Art Opera. To be selected, CONTACT US!


CLUBS It’s a network of pubs, farms, houses, cultural centers (and more) in which Red Plastic organizes events, exhibitions, conferences, projections, shows and live music. In our main Clubs, you can also find a Red Plastic Distribution Point, an old PC resurrected by a Linux O.S. containing all our productions!

PARTNERS Our Partners exchange Free Services with Us.

PRODUCTION CELLS If you’re a group of technicians (sound engineers, video-makers, editors, graphic designers), you can become one of our production cells! How? We will give you our technical support and we’ll promote your productions (depending on their quality!).


If you love one of our Artists, if a review reaches your interest or, why not, if you like one of our projects, you can support our work with a donation. THE MORE YOU DONATE, THE BETTER WE PRODUCE.

Contact Us at