Re:publica 2012

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Conference in Berlin, Germany


This year seventeen States of the Arab world became part of the revolutionary Arab Spring, a protest movement that leveraged social media more than any before to connect, organize, and succeed beyond expectations.

Is Facebook the new common denominator of dissent?

Activists from countries as diverse as Spain, China and Israel have all begun to use social media to organize and seize political momentum.

Since the Arab Spring, Wall Street has become the cradle of the internationally adopted Occupy Movement, whose endpoint is – thanks to Twitter – just as undefinable as any appointed leadership of the often-cited 99%.

And eventually, 9% of votes were enough for the German Piratenpartei to gain maximum interest.

With so much action, the theme for the sixth re:publica was clear to us.

ACTION! means that digital society has manifested itself even more assertively this year, across many new social areas. The upcoming program of re:publica 2012 will be filled with international guests putting non-political things into action as well.

ACTION! means people who push technology further, rethink education, mobility or finance, develop interactive designs and games, turn thought patterns upside down, pimp conventional businesses, and who screw up things the right way as part of the DIY movement.

By the way: Thanks to our new location, you will experience our motto quite physically as well. So bring comfortable footwear, because the STATION-Berlin is huge!

Three days full of boundless energy are waiting for you, so roll up your sleeves and get to work – we can’t wait to shake hands with all the makers on 2-4 May 2012!