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Conference in Berlin, Germany


Of the spontaneous idea of a blogger meeting at a major company conferences in Europe: re: publica invites for the seventh time to come to Berlin to discuss with 5,000 expected participants of the digital life and exchange ideas. And also to celebrate. From 6.-8. May 2013 is the event for the second time at Berlin Gleisdreieck takes place in the "station", with the motto "in / side / out" and returns it inside out. And vice versa. But first things first: In 2006, German blogs were so well established that they were not only self-penetrated in the public perception, but washed their own topics on the surface. It was time to draw the so-called "blogosphere" from their virtual to the physical world, and then, with a beer joint, the idea for a blogger meeting - and in a second his name: re: publica. few months later Tanja & Johnny Haeusler of, Markus Beckedahl and Andreas Gebhard of newthinking communications opened on 11 April 2007, the doors to the very first re: publica, before the waiting might not produce the 300, but 700 guests. The following three days in the premises of the Berlin Kalkscheune were so successful that a repeat of the conference was not a question, but an open call for all parties involved. Since then, the re: publica an institution and one of the world's most important conferences around the develops digital world that year after year bigger, prettier and more international. 2012 was attended by 4,500 visitors, and over 300 orators presented themselves on the eight stages of the nearly 16,000-square-foot area of the station in Berlin, and it catapulted the Blogger Meeting of yore in the category International Festival. "Anyone who thinks that the re: publication was a class reunion is right. Whoever thinks the re: publica is just a class reunion, has no idea. " Anke Groner, 2010 Despite its enormous growth, it is the re: publica managed to retain its original charm. Apply to almost any other conference, a similar wide range of guests, nowhere else to hacktivists mix so naturally with business visitors, and is to some other events so controversial and simultaneously discussed cheerfully as at the re:. Publication in Berlin "re: publica SXSW is with an European accent, the DLD and DAVOS of the people. It is a favorite conference of mine. " Jeff Jarvis, author and professor of journalism at the eight stages of the re:. publication 2013, national and international orators offer a broad approach to issues as diverse as politics and science on culture and society Some of it will cut down the visitors, surprise, or to move to part in the break of certain shares (or new zuzulegen). Otherwise they will be so far known to rethink what is believed or drive them tears of laughter to my eyes. Unexpected tradition at the re: publica. addition to the program, which consists of one half of the the founder team invited and curated guests and others from selected papers that were in filed for all open "call for papers", provides the re: publication the chance to share great ideas and small business cards, and in any case for linking people whose encounter outside the equally informal and inspiring framework of the re:. appears publication unlikely because the diversity of not only the subjects but also the guests what the re: publica distinguished and has made ​​it what it is:
 an event.