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1-movabletype.gif Step one: Login to Movable Type

You'll want to start by logging into your Movable Type installation, and finding the "Edit Configuration" link for the blog you'd like to license.

2-movabletype.gif Step two: Edit Configuration/Choose license

On the main configuration page, click on the "Preferences" option in the upper right area, then scroll down to the link marked "Create a License now" link. Answer the questions, scroll down to save your configuration, then republish your blog to see a license button added to your site.

Weblogging software Movable Type allows users to choose a CC license for their blog via our choose license popup service.

Blog setting screen before license selection (explanation links to


Clicking launches the CC license chooser in a popup:

Choose license popup.png

After choosing a license the popup closes and the license chosen is shown in the blog settings screen: