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This page is meant to aggregate information, discussions, arguments and opinions about CC's porting project.

Creative Commons first published licenses in late 2001. In 2002, Creative Commons created its license porting project, which is unique in the public license arena. Generally stated, porting involves the translation and legal adaptation of CC's core license suite (the international suite, formerly known as the "unported" or "generic" license suite) to the languages and copyright laws of individual jurisdictions. As a result of the project, CC has ported licenses in more than 55 jurisdictions, and hosts 550+ unique licenses across all versions. [1]

Porting has been a historical feature of CC's affiliate activities. It has been the subject of much discussion and debate, both favorable and unfavorable. During our 2011 Global Summit, CC and the affiliates discussed the future of the porting project. Based on input, CC has decided not to make a decision on the future of porting while version 4.0 is first in development, as we want to focus on the international licenses first (as has always been the case). CC plans to consult with its affiliates and communities as well as other stakeholders and experts prior to making decisions that could affect the continuation of porting. That consultation process is expected to take place with publication of the third discussion draft. In the interim, we ask that you use this space for any related discussion.

Please note that CC is currently not authorizing new (or the continuation of) porting projects because of limited resources and capacity during the 4.0 versioning process. Unless you have received express permission from CC to proceed, affiliates should not be spending their time on porting activities.

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  1. See CC Ports by Jurisdiction where all ports across all versions of the licenses are referenced.