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Creative Commons Policy Advisory Council

[last updated by Timothy Vollmer on 23 August 2016]

I. Purpose & Activities

The Creative Commons Policy Advisory Council, hereafter the “Council,” provides high-level guidance, feedback, and advice to staff on matters of public policy relevant to CC’s strategic vision and mission. CC Staff may contact the entire Council or individual Council members (typically through email) as needed for input on a particular issue or policy-related question. Council members may raise issues to the group independent of staff (although there will be no expectation of action by staff on a particular issue raised by the Council). At minimum, CC staff will provide a brief report to the Council twice a year describing key activities, challenges, and other information relating to CC’s policy strategy and work plans.

II. Composition

The Council will be comprised of 4-8 members and include a mix of staff, Board of Directors, and affiliates. Council members will be invited by the CEO and/or Public Policy Manager. Members are invited in a personal capacity, not as representatives of organizations with whom they are affiliated. This group is not a committee of the Creative Commons Board of Directors, and has no authority to bind the organization or its staff. Members will serve voluntarily and without remuneration. The Public Policy Manager will serve as the chair of the Council.

This Charter may be revised from time to time by the Public Policy Manager and CEO, in consultation with the Council.

III. Current members

  • Timothy Vollmer
  • Diane Peters
  • Renata Avila
  • Tom Rubin
  • Teresa Nobre
  • Molly Van Houweling
  • Tyng-Ruey Chuang