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Timothy Laszlo Sandor (born 1974) is an American visual and performance artist who sometimes records music under the pseudonym Platinum Bitch. He is a founding member of New Familiar Music, an internet record label, and of the Philadelphia-based music collective Leader Clears the Lunar.


Timothy Sandor was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1974, but grew up mostly in the Philadelphia area. He studied painting at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York, but dropped out of art school shortly thereafter. He has since studied psychology, education, addiction and sociology. In addition to Brooklyn, Sandor has lived in Portland, Oregon, as well as in various cities in Florida. He is married to Elise May & currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Identifying with social movements such as the free culture movement and anarchism, Sandor is philosophically opposed to copyright laws. He remains a staunch advocate of DIY production, as well as the Internet, and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks as a means for the creative community to bypass the RIAA and corporate influence over music production and distribution.

Employing a creative commons license, he has published most of his music in an open source format, whereby a song is treated as a work-in-progress; revisions are allowed (and encouraged) by anyone who wishes to collaborate on the work, so long as these adaptations remain open content. Leader Clears the Lunar aims to take this further by donating to, and adapting works from, the public domain. Through the collaborative efforts of the collective's artists, songs are designed to be "written but never finished".


   The Black Plum EP (2001)
   Seven Gestures EP (2002)
   Avatars EP (2005)
   October EP (2006)
   November EP (2006)
   December EP (2006)
   January EP (2007)
   February EP (2007)
   March EP (2007)
   Love is King Forever EP (2009)
   Pox EP (2011)

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