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The following was originally contributed by anonymous trolls to the predecessor of this wiki in 2004, except for text in italics. A more current proposal is a human rights license and one already ongoing is the freedoms license.

A peace license forbidding military and some police uses is a potential candidate for a future Creative Commons Public License. This category overlaps commercial and non-commercial use and accordingly cannot be defined within the existing license scopes.

Some licenses already contain such clauses, like the WarFTP license or the original BSD license. The TESLA is an example of a human rights license with peace promotion as one of its primary goals, as it forbids use by governments that violate human rights, a category which corresponds with aggressive nations.

It being increasingly common to challenge war as a global policy option, some people will arguably prefer to exclude not just commercial users (with CC-by-nc-sa) but also those noncommercial military or police uses that they consider oppressive or to be escalating rather than resolving violence.

Obviously, the terms here would be tricky. This might have to be a parametric license specifying more exactly what the restrictions were, with some very restrictive defaults, e.g. to permit only nonviolent private use, and medical and social services use in private or public sector without any use in any law enforcement activities of any kind.

A green license would probably have to be a variant of this license or allow easy combination with it.