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Extensions are a new feature in ccPublisher 2, and as such they will undoubtedly evolve and improve over time. This page documents potential improvements and ideas for the extension model, as well as ideas for extensions which may be useful.

Extension API Improvements

A feature discussed during the development of ccPublisher 2 was shared extensions: allowing a single extension installation to be used by multiple P6 applications. The corollary to this idea is allowing multiple applications to use a single installation of the P6 framework. These still may be good and interesting ideas, but rely on the development of additional P6-based applications to be truly useful. If multi-application extensions are implemented, an additional natural feature is the ability to selectively enable or disable extensions for a particular applications.

An additional idea for extending the Extension API is to allow for skinning of the P6 framework / ccPublisher. This would merge the ideas of customizations and extensions in such a way that customized applications become special-case, super-powered extensions.

Extension Ideas

We hope to ship sample extensions with ccPublisher 2.0. Currently planning on:

  • Blog ping extension: post to your blog when you upload new media

Other ideas we'd like to see implemented:

  • Upload to my website (via FTP, etc) for self-hosting
  • Upload to .Mac; this might also integrate with the DotMac SDK to allow easy signup for new users