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Publication date: {{#declare:Publication date=date}}2010/02/10
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Entrepreneurial opportunities in Open Online Learning. A new age rushes towards us like an unstoppable tsunami. A global information age, rising from the combined effect of the prior tectonic plate shift inventions of the microchip and internet. It is an age that will usher in the 'Neo-Renaissance Man' capable of human capital output many times greater than that of their singularly specialised industrial-age predecessor. This new-age person will come into being by a paradigm shift in education – the full exploitation and engagement of Open Online Learning.

Contents: Introduction - Open Online Learning What is a Paradigm Shift? Paradigm Shift Examples Internet - 21st Century Printing Press Learning shifts - Ages of mankind Societal Change Stages Democratized Learning - Open Online Learning Specialisation Vs Neo-Renaissance Entrepreneur Paradigm Shifts & ‘Creative Destruction’ Open Online Learning Opportunities