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Workshop, Hackathon, Sprint, in Berlin, Germany



Read our call to contribute to the Open Video Forum -

How to prepare / participate remotely

In a nut shell the Open Video Forum is an event to support the goals of the Moloko Video project, a pan-African initiative driven by a vision of supporting the online distribution of African film / visual media, together with open video developers.

Preparing for the Forum

Let your colleagues know about the event, maybe they can come to the next one or participate remotely. There are details of the event, its scope and workshop outlines here.

Do join up to the email list for this event. (remember you can always unsubscribe later!)

Please send brief overviews / links to your current / past work and quick note of anything you would like to share or collaborate on to the list. If you can't come in person please try to share that info by Thursday midday then we can include that information in the remote participation session.

And yes we can wiki!

Remote Participation

We aim to try to make as much of the forum as possible available to remote participation. But we have sessions devoted to it on Thu 13th & Fri 15th Dec 15:00-16:00 CET

Google Hang out - use brief updates, presentation of approaches if possible, showcases, website / software walk thrus. If you want to participate remotely, let us know at so we can bring you into the hangout session or check back on the webpage.

IRC - We will also be in the IRC channel of or #flossmanuals - if Google Hangouts are not for you.

Preparing for the Open Video Course Sprint

On the 15th & 16th of December, we will create a course on Open Video for the upcoming School of Open on

We using a course of this kind as a way of mapping the knowledge and experience of the participants of the OVF. We know that this is an area where technology is emerging and changing quickly. The P2PU based course is a format that specifically designed for informal peer-exchange of knowledge. It's more structured than a series of wiki pages but less formal than a text book or full curriculum.

If you are interested in helping us create the course - Sign up here. - and join the course here

We are also going to use FLOSS Manuals as way of creating reader documents to go with the course so if you haven't already you can get a login for FM here -


Stream I - Development for Diversity: The African Hub Experience

Stream I Overview

villaACT, Senegal and Activespaces, Cameroon, will share their experiences or working as IT / Software Developers in Africa. Their invaluable input includes the following areas of research for Mokolo.Labs: accessible open source solutions for African video producers; low-cost server side solutions for video distribution semantic search based on increased availability of metadata; connection of audiovisual work with cultural metadata; location-based video compression. All of the work is open source, and the outcomes will be available as Open Educational Resources.

Stream I Resources

Unfied Streaming [1] WebM [2] QualityCrowd Testframework [3]

Stream | Tools

ffmpeg [4] vlc Dash Plugin [5] Amara - Universal Subtitles [6] GStreamer [7]

Stream II - Crowdsourcing Metadata: Exploring Bandwidth Diversity

Stream II Overview

For Mokolo.Labs, the development challenge for innovative video distribution is not low-bandwith, but bandwidth diversity and resource efficiency. A generalized user experience can only be achieved when a realistic bandwidth picture is known to the developers. Often network carriers market their connection plans with “max bandwidth xyz”. We aim to assist developers through the creation of an African Video Bandwidth Observatory and invite partnerships with the MolokoLabs project in this effort. Areas of interest: social viewing experience; crowd-sourced metadata & content curation; progressive download & adaptive bitrate streaming; test frameworks & user feedback strategies.

Live-streaming of all sessions is provided by Streampark. Both days will include live-chat sessions with remote participants.

Stream II Resources

Semantic metadata in Video HHI [8]

Stream Metadata | Tools

Popcorn.js [9]

Existing OER for Open Video

Ogg Theora CookBook - [10] Open Video Subtitling [11]

Glossary of other Terms and Tools

Adaptive Streaming

is a streaming technology based on the detection of the current bandwidth of the device therefore changing the stream to provide a bufferfree viewing.

Semantic Analysis

relating syntactic structures to content (footage).