Open Source Day 2008

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Conference in Irbid, Jordan


Open Source Day is a full-day event that will be held in Jordan University of Science and Technology. The event aims to spread the culture of Open Source, and to shed light on other movements that follow the same principles. The organizers of the event wish that the event will draw more attention towards the ethical dimensions behind OSI and FSF and to clear previous misconceptions about these two movements.

One of the day's key speakers is Mr. Ziad Maraqa, Legal Cases and Court Decisions Manager at Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP), who will give a lecture about Creative Commons Licenses in Jordan and their compliance with the actual Jordanian intellectual property laws.

Open Source Day 2008 activities also include the screening of Elephants Dream, the first open movie, released under a Creative Commons license and an exhibition stand to promote and distribute CC materials.

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