Open Government Data Camp 2011

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Conference, in Warsaw, Poland


Around the world governments and public bodies have been opening up official datasets for the public to reuse. There has been an explosion of new applications, competitions, hackdays and other initiatives from local authorities, central government departments, international bodies and others. Following on from the first international Open Government Data Camp in autumn 2010, this event will bring together movers and shakers from the world of open government data — including government representatives, policymakers, lawyers, technologists, academics, advocates, citizens, journalists and reusers.

What will happen? There will be several days of discussions, drafting, planning and hacking. Crucially we hope to:

Build consensus around key legal, technical and policy issues related to opening up government information. Strengthen the community of people working on different aspects of opening up official data around the world — from both inside and outside government. (Many people working on this area will not have met in person!) Encourage the exchange of experiences, expertise and ideas between those involved in leading open government data initiatives in different countries. Make things! We hope there will be plenty of space for developers to hack on things — from refining core bits and pieces of technology to rapid prototyping of new ideas.