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Workshop in Warsaw, Poland


We want to make it easier for everyone to find and reuse works which are in the public domain. At the heart of this vision is opening up material from cultural heritage organizations around the world for all to reuse. Join us in Warsaw before the CC Global Summit for a kickoff workshop that will bring together stakeholders to begin a global project to encourage GLAM institutions to make their metadata and digital copies of public domain works freely and openly available for all to reuse without restriction.

During the day we would like to: - Articulate a vision for opening up material held by GLAM institutions - Create a roadmap and a strategy for how key stakeholders can work together towards the realisation of this vision - Look at how key projects and initiatives fit together - Create an outline for a collaborative initiative involving key stakeholders - including a basic website, work plan, a strategy for funding, community building and dissemination - Put together a role description for a full time evangelist -Create a package of materials to use as the basis for animations on this topic

The workshop is co-organised by Centrum Cyfrowe, Creative Commons, the Open Knowledge Foundation and others!