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Workshop, in Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, UK,


Purpose and Aims The aim of the workshop is to build an understanding of the value of open data and open tools for the Economics profession and the obstacles to opening up information, as well as the role of greater openness in broadening understanding of and engagement with Economics among the wider community including policy-makers and society. Topics to be covered would include:

The role of open data in enabling and performing research especially in the context of a world seeing a “data explosion” Obstacles for publishing data: for example, commercial restrictions, privacy issues in micro-level data “Citizen economics”: the role of open data and open tools in opening up research and the academy to wider engagement and understanding with the general public, policy-makers and others Desired outcomes: Gaining an understanding of the potential value of open data in Economics Identifying problems and roadblocks – what are the current obstacles, which prevent open sharing of economic information and data Providing insight into the current status of open data in economics – identifying what progress has been made, illustrate success stories and determine what still needs to be done Engagement with key stakeholders including academics, funding agencies, journals and others Agreed statement on “Open Data in Economics” Programme Session: Open Data and Economics – Examples Example of open data in Economics so far, potential benefits etc.

Session: Legal, Cultural and other Barriers to Information Sharing Introduction and overview of challenges faced in information sharing.

Session: Current Data Deposit and Releases – Mandating Open Data? Round table discussion with stakeholders: Representatives of funders, academic publishing and academics.

Session: Principles and Statement on Open Data in Economics Creating a statement on Open Data in Economics (Open Economics Principles) – cf and

Interested in participating or contributing? Please contact us at economics [at]