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OER stands for open educational resources. These resources consist of materials for teaching or learning. They are called open resources because they are in the public domain, available to everyone. Materials that are released under a license allowing them to be freely used, altered, and shared with others also fall within the OER category. This may include courses and tutorials as well as tools such as software. For more information see What is OER?

There are many ways you can help develop the OER Project and the open educational community. Below you will find a list of ways you can contribute to the project.


Pages that are open to edits:


Pages closed to public edits (you can make comments and suggestions by visiting their corresponding Talk pages):



We maintain several wiki-databases related to OER.


ODEPO (Open Database of Educational Projects and Organizations) is a wiki-database of organizations involved in providing educational content online. You can contribute to this project by:

OER Resources

OER Resources is a database of resources about OER such as articles, publications, news, videos, etc. You can contribute by:

Adding a page

To add a page to the OER project, simply call the template {{OER Nav}} on the page.

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