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Salon in New York City, New York USA



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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Theme: Opening Education

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  • Eric Frank, co-founder of Flat World Knowledge, a commercial textbook publishing company that is leveraging CC licenses as part of their business model---basically offering free digital textbooks via CC BY-NC-SA, but charging for the prints and supplementary materials. (Is this business model working? Come and find out!) Eric was previously "Director of Marketing for Prentice Hall Business Publishing, a division with annual sales in the hundreds of millions."
  • Neeru Paharia, co-founder of the Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU), a grassroots education project that moves learning outside of institutional walls (for free) by leveraging the internet, social software, and CC licensed content. Neeru is formerly the Executive Director of Creative Commons and is finishing up her doctorate at the Harvard Business School in Behavioral Economics.
  • A panel of K-12 technologists/educators on the cutting edge of their fields who incorporate CC licenses and social media into their classrooms. They will give a run-down on what they do, how they do it, and answer questions about the challenges they face from curious folk like you. The panel consists of: Dave Bill, Technology Integrator at the Dwight School and TEDxNYED organizer; arvind s grover, co-host of 21st Century Learning, Director of Technology at the Hewitt School (also TEDxNYED organizer); and Kerri Richardson Redding, Director of Academic Technology at the Brooklyn Friends School.

Jane Park, the Communications Coordinator for Creative Commons, will also be available to give updates on CC in education and answer your general questions. John Britton (Lead Developer at Flat World Knowledge) will also be available to talk about his experience organizing the Mozilla Drumbeat/P2PU course, "Mashing Up the Open Web."


  • 7pm - 10pm
  • Presentations, Panel, Video, Q&A dispersed throughout and after
  • Free as in Beer Beer (courtesy of Flat World Knowledge)
Rough Schedule
  • (7:00-7:15pm) Intro to Salon, CC in education
  • (7:00-7:45) Eric Frank introduces FWK, Q&A
  • (7:45-8:30) Neeru Paharia introduces P2PU, P2PU Workshop Video, Q&A
  • (8:30-9:15) Panel of K-12 technologists/educators
  • (9:15-10:00) Mingle, ask your individual questions



The Open Planning Project
148 Lafayette St
Between Grand & Howard
New York, NY

Host: Gotham Schools

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