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Stefan Kluge - Route 66: An American Bad Dream August 10

1. Introduction: I'll say a few words about who I am and what will happen here the next half hour.

2. Trailer of "Route 66" (2 min)

3. about the movie: I'll talk a few minutes about the movie itself.

4. movie clips: I'll show a few clips from the movie; about 8 minutes in total.

5. talk about our label, open source filmmaking and cc licensing of the movie & questions (about 10 minutes+),com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/


[16:04]  Gonzo Oxberger: I'm gonzo
[16:04]  Gonzo Oxberger: I bet you like my nice look, today :)
[16:05]  Gonzo Oxberger: Let me say a few words about how I plan to spend the next half hour:
[16:05]  Gonzo Oxberger: at first I would like to show you the trailer of a documentary,
[16:05]  Gonzo Oxberger: that will be released tonight under a CC license.
[16:05]  Gonzo Oxberger: I'm the producer of this docu,
[16:05]  Gonzo Oxberger: so I can tell you something more about it after that.
[16:05]  Gonzo Oxberger: Then I have a few clips of about 2-3 minutes, each.
[16:06]  Gonzo Oxberger: After that I would like to talk about
[16:06]  Gonzo Oxberger: the open source film label I founded,
[16:06]  Gonzo Oxberger: and our experiences with CC licensing our content. Please interupt me any time you have questions!
[16:06]  Gonzo Oxberger: You can hit play NOW :)
[16:07]  Bovinity Oxberger: everybody can see it, right?
[16:07]  Hypatia Callisto: yes :)
[16:08]  Dexter Aquitaine: yeah looks great
[16:08]  Zenigma Suntzu: / Nice car :)
[16:08]  Bovinity Oxberger: awesome
[16:08]  Mozart Goodspeed: nice music :)))
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: thats it
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: the trailer so far
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: I dont want to talk too much about the movie itself.
[16:09]  Dexter Aquitaine: woooo hooo
[16:09]  Zenigma Suntzu: Awesome.
[16:09]  Dexter Aquitaine: fantastic
[16:09]  David Zadeh: nice!
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: I guess most of you are more interested in the concept
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: of open source filmmaking or the reasons why someone should
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: CC-license a full length movie.
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: But at least so much: the trip in this 30 years old convertible
[16:09]  Gonzo Oxberger: led from Washington DC to Chicago, via Route 66 to Los Angeles
[16:10]  Gonzo Oxberger: and finally to San Diego. I have been doing road trips like that
[16:10]  Gonzo Oxberger: in the US a few times and it always was a lot of fun.
[16:10]  Gonzo Oxberger: I would especially recommend doing it in car like this old caddi! LOL
[16:10]  Gonzo Oxberger: Lets see some clips...
[16:10]  Dexter Aquitaine: so tell us why u did CC
[16:10]  Dexter Aquitaine: or is that later
[16:10]  Gonzo Oxberger: can you attach clip 1, alex?
[16:11]  Bovinity Oxberger: loaded.
[16:11]  Gonzo Oxberger: the cc part comes later :)
[16:11]  Dexter Aquitaine: k
[16:13]  Gonzo Oxberger: ok, push the button again, everybody
[16:13]  Hypatia Callisto: /you're just fine Cyrus
[16:14]  Bovinity Oxberger: i hope these clips are working for everyone.
[16:15]  Dexter Aquitaine gave you Dexter's PhD draft outline.
[16:16]  Zenigma Suntzu: Yes working well
[16:16]  Cyrus Huffhines: oh is that dc?
[16:16]  Mozart Goodspeed: yep
[16:16]  Gonzo Oxberger: this is relative unconventional for a documentary - the movie  has a few parts like that 
[16:17]  Gonzo Oxberger: great
[16:17]  Gonzo Oxberger: next clip
[16:18]  Cyrus Huffhines: now didn't joe thomas do something on route 66 for pbs a few years back? right
[16:18]  Gonzo Oxberger: stop
[16:18]  Dexter Aquitaine: very kool
[16:18]  Gonzo Oxberger: last clip
[16:18]  Cyrus Huffhines: love the voice and writing
[16:18]  Dexter Aquitaine: looking great Gonzo
[16:18]  Gonzo Oxberger: thanks!
[16:18]  Gonzo Oxberger: can you put the last clip in, alex?
[16:19]  Cyrus Huffhines: I loved grapes of wrath and the jodes, if that was their  name. Moses and family
[16:19]  Dexter Aquitaine: hehehe reminds me of the old projectionists
[16:19]  Bovinity Oxberger: and go!
[16:20]  Dexter Aquitaine: reminds me of Cannery Row
[16:20]  Mozart Goodspeed: :)))
[16:22]  Gonzo Oxberger: so much about the movie itself - you can download it at, if you like
[16:22]  Gonzo Oxberger: You may have figured, that "Route 66" is not a blockbuster :o>
[16:22]  Dexter Aquitaine: wooo hooo very kool
[16:22]  Dexter Aquitaine: well done Gonzon
[16:22]  Gonzo Oxberger: It's a no budget production, you can also call it a microbudget production.
[16:22]  Deap Tweak: I liked it
[16:23]  Gonzo Oxberger: The interesting thing is, that we were able to reach an audience,
[16:23]  Cyrus Huffhines: have you thought about breaking a piece off for something like This American Life? Great voice and writing would be great to do on radio to support the film.
[16:23]  Gonzo Oxberger: that we never could have reached with a conventional distribution model.
[16:23]  Gonzo Oxberger: Without investing a buck in the marketing.
[16:23]  Adri Saarinen: You can say that about a lot of art these days, Gonzo. :)
[16:23]  Cyrus Huffhines:
[16:23]  Dexter Aquitaine: mmm so how do u recoup cost
[16:23]  Gonzo Oxberger: After the release of the movie in German we counted about 500.000 downloads (+ P2P)
[16:24]  Gonzo Oxberger: in a few month and spread about 600.000 copies by offering magazines to put it on their DVDs.
[16:24]  Shaun Altman: So how do you make an open source film pay for itself if you're not working on a microbudget?
[16:24]  Shaun Altman: donations?
[16:24]  Gonzo Oxberger: Thats where it starts to get interesting for sponsors or  advertising models.
[16:24]  Dexter Aquitaine: wow
[16:24]  Gonzo Oxberger: Some magazines payed for the content, others didn't.
[16:24]  Gonzo Oxberger: Another important point is, that you can build a reputation  for producing
[16:24]  Gonzo Oxberger: a certain type of content, if your coverage is big enough.
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: In our case that led to a remittance work for a TV station, for instance.
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: This might be one way of refinancing microbudget film productions:
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: the cultural goods we create are free,
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: and they help us to establish a brand in a certain niche,
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: that we could otherwise only establish investing a lot into marketing.
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: Since the production and especially the distribution
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: of music, video or even movies is not longer bound to great  amounts of money,
[16:25]  Gonzo Oxberger: this concept works perfect for teams of creatives,
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: that are just entering the market.
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: Our next feature film is already in the postproduction state,
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: and we decided to go one step further in this concept:
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: we will put it under a BY-SA license to allow creatives
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: to make money with our material.
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: This includes 40 hours of very exclusive material,
[16:26]  Gonzo Oxberger: recorded in southamerica.
[16:27]  Gonzo Oxberger: By the way, the Creative Commons licenses,
[16:27]  Gonzo Oxberger: besides that they helped us with the distribution,
[16:27]  Gonzo Oxberger: have turned out to be a great marketing tool!
[16:27]  Gonzo Oxberger: This may lessen as they get more common, but still:
[16:27]  Gonzo Oxberger: not only the people love them, the press also does :)
[16:27]  Gonzo Oxberger: is that you experience too?
[16:28]  Gonzo Oxberger: your
[16:28]  Dexter Aquitaine: please explain BY-SA license
[16:28]  David Zadeh: which license type did you use for the film?
[16:28]  Gonzo Oxberger: by-sa means , that you are allowed to use it commercially
[16:28]  Gonzo Oxberger: you can remix it and sell it
[16:28]  Gonzo Oxberger: or you can just take parts like the clip in the subway
[16:28]  Dexter Aquitaine: ooo k a CC license
[16:28]  Gonzo Oxberger: and use it for VJing
[16:28]  Dexter Aquitaine: kool
[16:29]  Gonzo Oxberger: that makes sense, because you increase the spread of the art
[16:29]  Dexter Aquitaine: can i ask your budget Gonzo
[16:29]  Dexter Aquitaine: yes it does
[16:29]  Gonzo Oxberger: our lates production was $30000
[16:29]  Dexter Aquitaine: wow
[16:30]  Dexter Aquitaine: that doesnt cover beer hehehe
[16:30]  Cyrus Huffhines: not bad
[16:30]  Cyrus Huffhines: at all
[16:30]  Dexter Aquitaine: fantastic
[16:30]  Gonzo Oxberger: and i'm optimistic, that it pays off
[16:30]  Gonzo Oxberger: the beer is included
[16:30]  Dexter Aquitaine: shot on mini DV?
[16:30]  Gonzo Oxberger: and the pizza was sponsored :)
[16:30]  Cyrus Huffhines: panasonic?
[16:30]  Dexter Aquitaine: lol
[16:30]  Gonzo Oxberger: miniDV, right
[16:30]  Mozart Goodspeed: i feel hungry LOL
[16:30]  Dexter Aquitaine: and edited on what
[16:31]  Gonzo Oxberger: and HD
[16:31]  Dexter Aquitaine: the new Sony HD format
[16:31]  Gonzo Oxberger: with sony cams and JVC cams
[16:31]  Gonzo Oxberger: JVC was the HD cam
[16:31]  Bovinity Oxberger: what software did you use?
[16:31]  Gonzo Oxberger: pretty good cam
[16:31]  Dexter Aquitaine: ok what model
[16:31]  Cyrus Huffhines: do the jvc's have many breakdown problems?
[16:31]  Gonzo Oxberger: we mostly used avid for the editing, since our cutter was used  to it from work
[16:32]  Dexter Aquitaine: Media Composer
[16:32]  Dexter Aquitaine: AVID MC?
[16:32]  Gonzo Oxberger: right, and express DV
[16:32]  Dexter Aquitaine: so all that adds up
[16:32]  Dexter Aquitaine: if though its cheaper
[16:32]  Dexter Aquitaine: your editor did it for cut rate
[16:33]  Gonzo Oxberger: cut rate?
[16:33]  Dexter Aquitaine: lol
[16:33]  Dexter Aquitaine: low rate
[16:33]  Gonzo Oxberger: right. it only works in this state if most of the guys do it  for extremly low budget 
[16:33]  Dexter Aquitaine: i know this seems beside the point but yeah budget does impact CC
[16:34]  Dexter Aquitaine: or round the other way hehehe
[16:34]  Dexter Aquitaine: who bank rolled it
[16:34]  Gonzo Oxberger: i think you got to reach a certain point
[16:34]  Dexter Aquitaine: it must have been hard to get the money on a CC idea
[16:34]  Gonzo Oxberger: point of dispersion
[16:34]  Dexter Aquitaine: explain
[16:35]  Gonzo Oxberger: you got to compare to the other chances you have as an independent label
[16:35]  Gonzo Oxberger: with a budget of lets say 30.000$ for a movie
[16:35]  Dexter Aquitaine: so its your prod co
[16:36]  Gonzo Oxberger: if it's a free production, you can sell it in germany for probably 10.000 to a tv station
[16:36]  Dexter Aquitaine: you dont go back to film then
[16:36]  Dexter Aquitaine: right
[16:36]  Multi Gadget v1.48.4 by Timeless Prototype
[16:36]  Dexter Aquitaine: how do they like the fact that u have already CCd it
[16:37]  Dexter Aquitaine: so they dont have exclusive
[16:37]  Gonzo Oxberger: that is certainly a problem
[16:37]  Gonzo Oxberger: for most tv station 
[16:37]  Gonzo Oxberger: at least if they are funded by the government
[16:37]  Dexter Aquitaine: mmm
[16:37]  Gonzo Oxberger: they have very strict ideas about the license of the content
[16:38]  Dexter Aquitaine: you know the BBC have gone CC for their archive
[16:38]  Dexter Aquitaine: sure
[16:38]  Gonzo Oxberger: BBC is pretty much an exception
[16:38]  Gonzo Oxberger: unfortunately
[16:38]  Dexter Aquitaine: mmm but i think advanced
[16:39]  Dexter Aquitaine: so have y got your money back yet
[16:39]  Dexter Aquitaine: or is it too soon
[16:39]  Liana Linden: Fantastic stuff. Thanks Gonzo.
[16:40]  Gonzo Oxberger: lets say it that way round: we got more, than when we would have sold it to a TV station
[16:40]  Dexter Aquitaine: fantastic
[16:40]  Gonzo Oxberger: a problem we still have is, that the market is very new
[16:41]  Gonzo Oxberger: you have to explain a lot, why sponsoring of a movie,
[16:41]  Gonzo Oxberger: which is distributed in the internet for free, makes sense for  the sponsors 
[16:41]  Gonzo Oxberger: they just never heard about things like that, in most cases
[16:42]  Dexter Aquitaine: well it does make sense to me
[16:42]  Dexter Aquitaine: i can see that more ppl will see it
[16:42]  Gonzo Oxberger: if you allow remixing the content, regular ads in front of the  movie wont last very long 
[16:43]  Gonzo Oxberger: so you probably have to think about certain kinds of product  placement
[16:43]  Dexter Aquitaine: yeah and they must be entertaining
[16:43]  Gonzo Oxberger: within the movie
[16:43]  Dexter Aquitaine: like Chris Anderson wrote about The Long Tail
[16:43]  Dexter Aquitaine: niche markets
[16:43]  Gonzo Oxberger: i can imagine , that we will see more of that
[16:43]  Gonzo Oxberger: thats right
[16:44]  Dexter Aquitaine: very kool
[16:44]  Dexter Aquitaine: audiences dont want to see Broadcast its about narrowcast he  argues
[16:45]  Dexter Aquitaine: well its a great success story well done Gonzo
[16:45]  Gonzo Oxberger: thanks dexter
[16:45]  Dexter Aquitaine: :)
[16:45]  Zenigma Suntzu: We could have a showing of the movie here in SL.
[16:46]  Gonzo Oxberger: i think we are still on the beginng of all that
[16:46]  Cyrus Huffhines: that would be great
[16:46]  Dexter Aquitaine: great idea
[16:46]  Dexter Aquitaine: can i ask on a tech ?
[16:46]  Zenigma Suntzu: It would be a fun CC event.
[16:46]  Gonzo Oxberger: sure, i would love the movie to be shown here
[16:46]  Dexter Aquitaine: how did you compress it for streaming
[16:46]  Cyrus Huffhines: I think a ton of people would show
[16:46]  Dexter Aquitaine: yeah
[16:46]  Gonzo Oxberger: soerenson 3 in quicktime
[16:46]  Dexter Aquitaine: tks
[16:47]  Dexter Aquitaine: well it looked good
[16:47]  You: Gonzo when do you want to do a full length screening?
[16:47]  Cyrus Huffhines: woohoo!
[16:47]  Gonzo Oxberger: whenever you like it
[16:47]  Dexter Aquitaine: koool
[16:47]  Gonzo Oxberger: alex, do we have an url of the full movie?
[16:47]  You: So next month we will be having a concert in Menorca
[16:47]  Bovinity Oxberger: i did all but one of hte clips in H.264 quicktime
[16:48]  Bovinity Oxberger: so wasnt sure if everyone could see them :)
[16:48]  Gonzo Oxberger: all right
[16:48]  Bovinity Oxberger: the full one isnt up online yet
[16:48]  Dexter Aquitaine: ooo ok Bov did you re encode it
[16:48]  Bovinity Oxberger: but we can put it up on and legaltorrents
[16:48]  Zenigma Suntzu: I've seen work well with SL.
[16:48]  Bovinity Oxberger: yes, except for one that gonzo had already done.. to save  time
[16:48]  Gonzo Oxberger: it is already online - you can download it from
[16:49]  Dexter Aquitaine: koool
[16:49]  Cyrus Huffhines: kk
[16:49]  Zenigma Suntzu: The server would need to be able to stream it simultaneously  to all the viewers in SL. 
[16:49]  You: so, if people are interested in having a screening here in SL
[16:49]  You: let us know
[16:50]  Dexter Aquitaine: count me in whooo hooo
[16:50]  Zenigma Suntzu: I think we should do it Gen. We see lots of movies here that  are er... grey market.
[16:50]  Zenigma Suntzu: It would be great to see a CC licensed one.
[16:50]  Gonzo Oxberger: LOL
[16:50]  Dexter Aquitaine: yeah
[16:50]  Bovinity Oxberger: zen: hwo do most people stream them on here?
[16:50]  You: How about August 31?
[16:50]  Dexter Aquitaine: plus i would like to tell ppl to come and see
[16:50]  Dexter Aquitaine: yeah
[16:51]  You: same time - full length
[16:51]  Zenigma Suntzu: I think most people just put it up on a web server and use  http for movies. 
[16:51]  Dexter Aquitaine: sounds great
[16:51]  Bovinity Oxberger: like these clips, right.
[16:51]  Zenigma Suntzu: and yes, they might get unsynced
[16:51]  Zenigma Suntzu: but it usually works ok.
[16:51]  Zenigma Suntzu: Just need a server that can handle that bandwidth  simultaneously.
[16:51]  Dexter Aquitaine: so they are not really streaming so to speak zen
[16:51]  Bovinity Oxberger: we may be able to set up a QT streaming server, if that  works better
[16:51]  Zenigma Suntzu: like could.
[16:51]  Zenigma Suntzu: I think that keeps everyone together better bo.
[16:51]  Dexter Aquitaine: hinted movies
[16:52]  Dexter Aquitaine: QT hinting
[16:52]  Zenigma Suntzu: But again, requires a pretty good size simultaneous bandwidth.
[16:53]  Bovinity Oxberger: well, i think we can figure something out to show this film
[16:53]  Gonzo Oxberger: the quality is pretty impressive, and it renders pretty fast,  too
[16:53]  You: we can reconvene in a couple of weeks
[16:53]  Zenigma Suntzu: Ok cool.
[16:53]  Bovinity Oxberger: yeah, it looks good for teh compression settings i used
[16:53]  Gonzo Oxberger: i was afraid my grafics card would be to slow :)
[16:53]  You: also look for ads about our September eevent
[16:53]  Zenigma Suntzu: In hte meantime we could experiment with some showing methods  and ask around how people are doing it.
[16:53]  You: Jonathan Coulton playing at Menorca on Sept 14
[16:54]  Zenigma Suntzu: Yes, along with a selection of other artists from SL, and licensed CC!
[16:54]  Zenigma Suntzu smiles.
[16:54]  You: hey everyone
[16:54]  You: i also wanted to let you all know that we have set-up
[16:54]  You: a public wiki for planning and tracking CC in SL events
[16:54]  You: we'dd like to invite people who are interested in this subject
[16:54]  Dexter Aquitaine: kool
[16:54]  You: to contribute
[16:54]  You:
[16:55]  Bovinity Oxberger: tell all your SL buddies.
[16:55]  Cyrus Huffhines: great
[16:55]  Cyrus Huffhines: will do
[16:55]  Dexter Aquitaine: great
[16:55]  Gonzo Oxberger: all right
[16:55]  You: i'll be posting this transcript there
[16:55]  Dexter Aquitaine: big round of applause for Gonzo
[16:55]  You: we'll also place a sign over at the auditorium
[16:55]  Gonzo Oxberger: thanks!