Midwest Creativity Exchange: Creativity in Business

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Conference in St. Joseph, MN -- 1.5 hr from Minneapolis, MN



Renew your creative spirit at the 2009 Midwest Creativity Exchange. Our three-day weekend retreat will expose you to new ideas to apply to your work life and the life of your work.

The Midwest Creativity Exchange features 90-minute concurrent sessions. Sessions are interactive, experiential and practical. They cover new and creative tools and techniques in:

   * Alternate Currencies / Wealth Systems
   * Brainstorming
   * Change 
   * Collaborative Environments
   * Communicating
   * Creativity
   * Design: Work Space, Graphic, Product
   * Facilitation
   * Idea Generation
   * Innovation: Creating, Financing, Measuring and Managing
   * Invention & Inventing
   * Intellectual Property
   * Leadership
   * Mind-Body-Spirit at Work
   * Organizational Creativity
   * Problem Solving
   * Project Management
   * Social Capital
   * Systems Thinking
   * Vision and Goal Setting
   * Work-Life Balance

Registration from $200-$950 based on: -whether you are presenting (discount applies) -date of registration (early registration available for discount) -private or shared room -registering with a friend ($150 discount applies when registration is together)