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Michael Specht provides a blog exploring technology, management and Human Resources issues from both an Australian and international perspective.

I have been very surprised [by] the community feel between bloggers, even the ones classified as “A-list”, the high quality of content available essentially for free… and the conversation that is started between you and others. Michael Specht


Michael Specht is a Senior Project Manager for Nortel’s Shared Services Solutions in Asia. His eponymous blog, hosted at, provides readers with insight gained from over 15 years’ experience in operations and applications roles in the Human Resources (HR) industry both in Australia and overseas. Established on 23 June 2004, the blog deals with technology and management issues, particularly for the enterprise, and occasionally expresses ‘other random thoughts.’ Michael is an advocate of social software such as Twitter, where his stream is updated on an hourly basis.

License Usage

Initially licensing his blog under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0, Michael recently learned about the more recent suite of 2.5 Australian licences, and changed his site to be under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia licence.

Michael has also discussed projects employing Creative Commons on his blog, such as Microsoft’s Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE), which allows asynchronous replication of items among two or more parties via RSS feeds. See his post titled ‘Sharing Content in a Web 2.0 World.’


Inspired by the works of Cory Doctorow and Lawrence Lessig, Michael Specht commented in a 2008 email interview with Rachel Cobcroft from Creative Commons Australia that he opted to license his blog under Creative Commons from its commencement in 2004:

‘I chose the licence partly due to my understanding of the limitations of copyright law, ie allowing people to syndicate content & reference was technically not allowed. I also wanted to allow others to freely reuse, reference and share my writings without the boundaries of [all rights reserved] copyright law.’

Michael has been contacted by several commercial organisations for reuse of his work.


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